Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walgreens 3/11/09 & 3/12/09

More FREE Glade, Garnier & Colgate!
$100.79 in Products for only $4.77.

This is two trips to two different Walgreens combined. I really didn't need any more toothpaste but I had a $1.50 coupon which created a bit of an overage to help offset the tax on the other stuff. I also only had 1 more Garnier coupon but my cashier sent me back for more because she had extra coupons to share. She actually had a huge binder by her register that she would flip through and hand out coupons to the customers. It was amazing. The book was so neat and organized with TONS of coupons! It was refreshing to be in a store that so happily accepted and ENCOURAGED them. I plan to visit that location more often. :-)

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  1. We have a Wags like that here with one very nice couponing checker that goes out of her way as she knows how it is.
    If you get "stuck" with items you don't really want or need but just can't pass it up, pass it along. There are many people with very strained budgets right now. You may know someone or you can donate to a food bank or shelter. Food banks and shelter can use just about anything you buy in the grocery store or big box.
    Thee freebies and moneymakers can make a nice gift basket when put together, for a guest or anyone else you have in mind.