Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Publix 2/24/09

My daily errands took me by 3 different Publix stores. 2 out of 3 had the Friday's Skillets in stock and the other store was sold out but had plenty of blinkies left. I actually tried one of these Sunday night for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised. My husband was not home for dinner that night but ate the leftovers the next day and he thought it was my leftovers from a restaurant. On sale and after coupons they were only $2.00 per bag and feed 2 adults. That is cheaper than 2 decent cans of soup and MUCH better. He happily made room in one of our freezers so that I could stock up on them. They are good until 2010 so we have plenty of time to eat them.

2 trips combined - used (2) $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupons

(14) Friday's Skillet Meals BOGO 2/7.99 - 14 x 2.00 off blinkies = 2.00 each
(1) T-Bone steak 6.80 - 2.00 Target coupon = 4.80
(1) T-Bone steak 6.63 - 2.00 Target coupon = 4.63
  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $145.81
  • My Savings at Publix $116.27
  • Out of Pocket Spent $29.54
  • I Saved 80%


  1. Where do you get the target steak coupons. I can't find them???

  2. http://www.hotcouponworld.com/forums/view.php?pg=cpngenerator

    you may have to register with them to get access to the coupons.

  3. Do you use cellfire.com for anyof your coupons?