Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Stockpile

A lot of my friends and family are getting interested in the way I shop so I thought it might be helpful to show the stockpile that I have accumulated over the last 2 years. Many of them laugh when I say "all I need this week is peanut butter, tea bags, and clothes detergent." I'm sure they wonder how we can survive on peanut butter and tea. What they don't always see is that I have a mini-store located right here in my house. So over the last 2 years I have been able to stockpile my groceries at the "really cheap" or "free" prices when a particular sale comes up and there are also matching coupons.

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago so my stockpile of peanut butter, tea bags, and clothes detergent has increased since these pictures. :) I also was able to get a ton of snack food items and canned soup at the Kroger mega sale over the last 2 weeks. I will try and get some updated pictures of those items. Also, these pictures are only of my non-kitchen storage space. I do also have a jam packed kitchen pantry, cabinets, and drawers as well as 2 refrigerators and 3 freezers full of my cold/frozen goods. Those were a little too unorganized for photos but maybe I can add those soon too. :)

Keep in mind that most of the cleaning supplies and health/beauty items were either free or almost free. Once you get the hang of stockpiling or as I call it "strategic shopping" you will NEVER pay for another tube of toothpaste, razor, or bottle of shampoo again. :)

My total weekly budget for groceries and drugstore items is $50 or LESS for my family of 5.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kroger 8/9/10

  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $ 65.81
  • My Savings at Kroger $53.89
  • Out of Pocket Spent $ 11.92
  • I Saved 82%