Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Totals 2/6/10 - 2/12/10

I had a snack food and cat food shopping week. I know it really looks like we eat a bunch of junk all of the time but we have been eating from our stockpile. I have been shopping like this for a year and a half so we have quite the selection in 2 pantries, 2 refrigerators, 3 freezers and shelves in the basement. Not to mention all of the cleaning supplies and personal care items stashed in various locations throughout the house . . lol!

  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $280.07
  • My Savings at Publix $231.80
  • Qualified for $10 Rebate - 10.00
  • Net Spent $38.27
  • I Saved 86%
  • (I actually only spent $7.73 out of pocket. The rest was paid for with RX transfer Gift Cards. I could have paid the $7.73 with a gift card but forgot all about it.)

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