Thursday, February 26, 2009

Publix 2/26/09

Back to Publix today. I wanted to hit the Pop Tart and Brownie Mix BOGO before the flavors I wanted got wiped out this weekend. I blew my budget this week but that's OK, it's been a slow couple of weeks and there were a few things I just couldn't pass up. I already had plenty of canned chicken but they had "peelies" on them and it made them so cheap I could not pass them up. I stacked manufacturer coupons + Target coupons on the Pop Tarts and Tropicana and plan to pick up some more this weekend when I go for my .01 item. The bananas and Kool Aid were some cheap filler items to help even my coupon vs. items count. When I stacked coupons for the Pop Tarts, Tropicana and the Bayer it put me over my limit so needed some cheap filler items to balance the total. I save way more by stacking the coupons than I spend on the filler items and it helps me avoid the dreaded register "beep"
I'm not going to post a total breakdown but if you want to see the coupon matches this week for Publix, visit
  • Total Spent Before Savings & Coupons $211.76
  • My Savings at Publix $183.89
  • Out of Pocket Spent $ 27.87
  • I saved 87%!


  1. Do you buy multiple newspapers? How do you get all these coupons? I have seen the coupon clipper, but I don't really get ordering from them????

  2. I do buy multiple papers, print from the computer, and here recently have ordered coupons from ebay and thecouponclippers when there are items I need on sale BOGO at Publix.

  3. You did great!! Are you going to do the Nature's Own bread deal this week? Also, there's a great deal on the Yoplait kids yogurt & Special K crackers snack packs. I'm going to look for the peelies on the canned chicken. How much are the peelies for? I'm waiting on some Cap'n crunch & Del Monte tomato coupons I ordered on Ebay, so that I can do my shoppping for the week. Hope I do as good as you. Btw, I love looking for the Friskies in each picture.