Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3/27/09 - 4/3/09 Weekly Totals

I'm a little late with my weekly totals from last week. We took a much needed trip to the beach and I totally forgot about posting my totals before we left. I went a good bit over my regular budget but I'm VERY happy with what I got for my money. I won't have to buy cat food for several months and 20 boxes of Q-Tips should last well over a year. With regular prices 20 boxes of Q-Tips (2.75 each) and 23 bags of cat food (4.49 each) would have cost me $158.27!

  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $704.22
  • Total Savings $583.29
  • Out of Pocket Spent $120.93
  • I Saved 83%

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