Friday, April 23, 2010

Walgreens 4/20/10 - 4/21/10

 (not pictured: 1 pack of toilet paper)

The $4 for the Angel Soft may not be the best value for toilet paper this week but to me was an easy way to spent my $5 RR that I earned on each bottle of vitamins. If I don't spend the RR immediately, sometimes I forget about them.

  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $86.08
  • My Savings at Walgreens $83.84
  • Out of Pocket Spent $2.14
  • $2.14 for 6 bottles of vitamins and 8 packs of toilet paper!
  • I Saved 97%


  1. do you ever list how u did this ? I am AMAZED by your totals and I am curious if these are just coupons from the paper or you have OTHER sources :)PLZ TELL

  2. Well! It's about time your back!!! I always enjoy looking at your finds!!!!