Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walgreens 10/8 - 10/9/09

$217.50 in products for only .79!

This is my Walgreen's haul from this week. I was able to hit 4 different stores and actually found stuff in stock. (and there was plenty left after I shopped) I was shocked! My husband really loves these razors but not so much for me to pay $8.99 for them so I'm thrilled about actually making money buying them this month. I have 10 more coupons so 20 razors should last him until the next good sale. lol I also would never spend $6.99 on lotion so the FREE lotion is nice. The Purell was only .49 after coupon and Register Rewards so I stocked up on it whenever I could find it. My boys are loving the .29 candy bars that I have been using as a filler item this week!

  • Out of Pocket Spent $19.79
  • Register Rewards Used $101.00
  • Register Rewards Earned $120.00
  • Net Cost .79 for $217.50 in products!


  1. How do you find your coupon matchups with the sales? I also follow IHeartPublix but I still don't have as great of savings as you do. Do you post somewhere on this site the coupons you use with each sale and where to find them? I save my coupons from the sunday paper and usually have multipe copies. Do you buy your coupons from another source? Thanks for your help. You are doing a great job on getting so much for so little. I hope I can do this good someday too. Thanks again.

  2. I follow,,, and I get all of my match-ups and deals from those sites. I also buy multiple papers most weeks and order coupons from the clipping services and from ebay. For example, I ordered 20 of the $4.00 off razor coupons for $6.00. I ended up with 20 FREE razors + 1.01 profit on each.