Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kroger 5/7/09

I was lured to Kroger this week for the 3 Day Sale. I went in with a specific list of Kraft BBQ Sauce, SoftSoap, (which I read on southernsavers were both 10/10.00) and Dixie Crystals sugar that was .99 cents. I had a .30 coupon that I expected to double and get the sugar for .39

I arrive to Kroger and the price on the BBQ was 4/5.00 instead of 1.00 each. I had a .75 coupon and justified the higher price buy getting the 55% more FREE Bonus Bottles. (.50 each was not too bad.) The SoftSoap was not 1.00 so I passed on it since it should go to 1.00 before my coupons expire and I have plenty stockpiled up from an earlier sale. I only had 4 sugar coupons so grabbed 4 bags and headed to check out. My sugar coupons beeped for some reason and they have to manually override them PLUS they would not double. The lady at customer service pointed out they they state "do not double" which I didn't even notice but I thought Kroger doubled the coupon and the coupon company gives the face value of the coupon so why would it matter anyway? I decided that .69 for sugar (versus .39 as I was expecting) was still a great deal so I just paid and went on my way. Next time I will be sure to check my local sales ad and my coupons before I head out to Kroger.

  • Total Before Savings & Coupons $16.47
  • My Savings at Kroger $11.44
  • Out of Pocket Spent $5.03
  • I Saved 70%


  1. I don't think your coupons doubled because they start with a 9. Coupons that start with a 5 will double, even if it says do not double. hth

  2. Have a great Mother's Day!!

  3. I used the sugar coupon a few weeks ago at Bi-lo (same price). They did not double there, either. I think it's because it started with a "9". Usually coupons beginning with a "5" will double, even if it says "Do not double". I usually go in NOT expecting DND coupons to double, then if they do, I consider it a bonus!